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With over 30 years of experience, our volunteer staff provide direct study abroad opportunities to students and adults worldwide. We list high quality, accredited programs that are low cost and offer academic credit. Our goal is to offer direct access to low-cost programs worldwide, as well as extensive resources to help make your study abroad experience much less expensive than going with a for-profit agency. We strive to make study abroad available and affordable for everyone.  We are based in the USA, but available to all worldwide.

Intercultural experiences help develop a better understanding of the world, and we are glad to help promote international education as a bridge to becoming "internationally minded". We firmly embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion in Global Education. We want everyone to be able to experience studying abroad. Again, we are committed to offering non-profit, low cost, fully accredited programs worldwide. Study abroad does not have to be so expensive nor exclusive, and we strives to keep it all simple and affordable.  Use this website as a resource to find the program for you. Thank you. 

 Benefits to You

  • Non-profit, low cost, high quality programs​​

  • Avoid high cost, for-profit programs

  • Fully accredited universities and institutes

  • Open to all students and adults worldwide

  • Earn academic credit (university / high school)

  • On-site program support to all students (24 / 7)

  • Low cost housing options on / off campus

  • Active social life with other foreign students

  • Flexibility with program, housing, and payment

  • Pay tuition and housing directly

  • Possible tuition discounts

  • Airport pick-up / drop off

  • Overall, save money $$

  • Use site as a Resource

How To Use Site 

  • Review programs by country​

  • See all sections - useful info

  • Apply directly to the school

  • Contact us by email for Help !

  • Tell others about this site

Note: Website currently being built.  More info to be added !


This website is awesome ! Many programs are listed for you to connect directly as well as useful resources (Links) and saves you money. It is a one stop site, providing you with everything you need to know to study abroad directly.   21 yrs, College Student, Santa Monica, CA USA

Studying abroad does not have to be so expensive, nor exclusive. This website is a great resource in finding a good program at much lower cost.  I love this simple, yet informative website. No need to look anywhere else !  20 yrs, University Student, Seattle, WA USA

As a parent, I found this website to be a great help in finding a suitable program and housing for my daughter wanting to study in Barcelona. Several excellent programs to review directly, as well as many resource Links that provide practical info and services.  Highly recommend this site ! 

52 yrs, Parent, Phoenix, AZ USA

As a Professor, I advise many students interested in studying abroad.  This website is my favorite site to refer students to check-out.  65 yrs, Professor,  Lawrence, KS USA


                  Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.

                       Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) Innocents Abroad

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