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About Shanghai

Shanghai has a population of 13 million people and is one of China’s largest cities, as well as one of China’s three municipalities. Shanghai is a flourishing city with rich cultural resources and is an important place to witness the contemporary and changing life of Chinese people. Shanghai is China’s largest industrial city as well as the financial, informational, and cultural center of the country. Shanghai is also an important port city, and has the second largest airport in China with over 40 international and domestic air lines. Shanghai is set to become once again the “Wall Street” of the east, as it continues its amazing growth within a “new” China. It’s thriving metropolis continues to attract students from all over the world to experience its vitality in helping to change the face of China.

Shanghai has a subtropical maritime climate, four distinct seasons and moderate rainfall. It is warm and rainy in spring, hot and humid during the summer, cool and less rainy in autumn, and cold and dry in winter.

Popular Schools in China

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